Blame the Ink

OK, I know you people out there are having problems! Printing problems, that is! All the major printing processes have dozens of variables that need to be controlled. Do you have an understanding of how the ink, substrate, plates (flexo and Offset), rotogravure cylinders, or screen emulsions, interact with each other? What about process variables … Continue Reading

Radiometer Readings

Radiometer Readings: With the help of my colleagues at Uvitron International (, I was able to obtain radiometer readings of my lab conveyor UV curing lamps manufactured by Systematic Automation ( The radiometer used for this test was a UV Power Puck II by EIT. It is capable of reading four bandwidths at the same … Continue Reading

Solvent Screen Ink for Plastic

Functional Inks 1600-Series Solvent Ink has been developed for direct screen printing on plastic. This ink exhibits exceptional adhesion, alcohol resistance and scratch resistance when printed and properly dried on ABS, Acrylic, Polycarbonate, PETG, Polystyrene, and HIPS

Industrial Screen Printing Inks for Plastics

Functional Inks, LLC has developed a UV curable screen printing ink for plastic substrates such as PETG, Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Styrene, and ABS. It exhibits excellent adhesion and alcohol resistance. The new ink is the PhotonPlast 2600 series UV ink and a limited supply of white ink is available to sample. For information see the Technical … Continue Reading